“We are given a lot of responsibility and independence. I think this is good because it gives us the opportunity to get more involved with the cases and therefore gain more experience and get more out of the program” – Bianca Sealey, February 2013, Australia

“Put in 100% in everything. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself at all times, here other peoples’ lives are also now partly your responsibility” – Sara, March 2013, Australia

“I think it is really important that future volunteers do both legal work and Social Justice projects. This balance makes the whole experience very rewarding. My most memorable experience was attending the Lavender Hill clinics and meeting clients one on one” – Olivia Button, April 2013, UK

“Listening to peoples’ stories. Whether it was refugees from Rwanda or Congo, women who have been abused or people talking about apartheid, it made a big impression to hear it first hand” – Naja Bruzelius, March 2013, Denmark

“Be prepared to work” – Dean Forrester, April 2013, UK

“I met a lot of new friends who made this an unforgettable experience. I am more open to trying new things, which I have never done before, really got out of my comfort zone” – Moniek Verhagen, August 2013, Netherlands

“You get thrown in the deep end, but at the same time it is nice, to see your improvement at the end” – Dyna Brokatzky, January 2013, Switzerland

“I had 100% responsibility developing the new system. I had full independence and regular meeting to get my directions approved” – Gary Taylor, Pro Intern, February 2013, Australia

“I like how every volunteer is given a lot of responsibility early on. The whole experience was great, but mostly it was the time spent together, making new friends from all around the world” – Joshua Doyle, August 2013, UK

“Definitely found the criminal cases court appearances and the Child Justice the most interesting. Very valuable experiences” – Sevrin Lund, March 2013, Norway