PAHRO Events

On occasion, we run events which involve feeding the homeless. At these times, the interns come together to prepare food, be it soup, sandwiches or curry, and we go out on the street to take our services to those who are less fortunate.

Given the nature of South Africa’s tumultuous history, there are several public holidays during the year which are dedicated to the memory of the past and to the preservation of human rights. On such occasions, PAHRO organise a relevant event in order to give back to the community.

Such activities are always highly popular among the interns as well as with members of the local communities, who are truly appreciative of the work that we do.

Curry Kitchen: On February 1st 2013, we had a curry kitchen to feed the vagrants in Parow, Cape Town. We had planned to feed 100 people, but even more showed up – luckily, we had enough food so that we were able to share it with everyone. Projects Abroad volunteers from the Human Rights Office, the Journalism Office and the Building Project helped to make the curry, distribute the food and clean up afterwards. This was a wonderful experience not only for the volunteers, but for the staff as well. The homeless people we encountered were very friendly, were very interested in what the volunteers are doing in Cape Town, and were very grateful for everybody’s contribution.

Youth Day: This is celebrated on the 16th of June every year in South Africa. This was day when, in 1976, there was an uprising in Soweto during which approximately 700 people, many of them youths, were killed amid clashes with the police. PAHRO had an event on the 14th of June 2013, during which we held a curry kitchen in an area called Delft. We distributed the food, along with fruit and juice, to masses of people – we did not expect so many to attend! It was a great day, and people were so glad to be given a hot meal.

Nelson Mandela Day: This is celebrated on the 18th of July each year, Nelson Mandela’s birthday. For 67 years he fought for human rights and thus, on this date, everybody is encouraged to give 67 minutes of their day, time which will be spent on helping others. PAHRO staff and interns went to the township of Khayelitsha to complete a day of service. Each team had been allocated specific jobs to do, including painting, roofing and litter-collection at Siyakhatela, an institution which takes care of children in need of protection and of child-headed households. Everybody worked very hard, and a great day of work was completed. The staff were so grateful for the progress made, and we left having made the area much safer for the children to play.

Women’s Day: This is celebrated on the 9th of August in memory of women who marched to parliament in objection to the pass laws, which served to keep the races separate. PAHRO celebrated Women’s Day on Thursday 8th August 2013. We organised a high-tea, to which we invited five ladies from each of our project partners, as well as six ladies from the Mitchell’s Plain area. Our theme of the day was “Women of Strength”, chosen in honour of those we know and work with who are truly inspirational in their motivation to help others, who have been through hardship but strive to continue, no matter what – we wanted to give something back to these ladies to show them our appreciation and make them feel valued.

The office was beautifully decorated with pink and white balloons, trimmings, table cloths and drapes, and our well-dressed male interns and staff members hosted the event and acted as waiters to serve all of the ladies present. Our guests received goody-bags, and some of our female volunteers got involved by reading inspirational poetry. Shuan played guitar and sang a song, “Women of Strength”, as a tribute to the women. Everybody had a wonderful day, and left feeling appreciated and special.

Heritage Day: This takes place on the 24th of September, on which day the South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions. Today, it is celebrated in recognition of the local culinary tradition of holding informal backyard braais, or barbecues, representing a unifying force in a divided countries. PAHRO staff and volunteers held a braai in the township Vrygrond, where everyone got together and had a good time.

World Homeless Day: This takes place on the 10th of October, and aims to draw attention to homeless people’s needs locally. PAHRO staff and volunteers distributed sandwiches to the homeless people of Parow, Cape Town. Many adults and children attended and were overjoyed at being offered food and juice.