Monthly Report – September 2014

Projects Abroad Human Rights Office, Cape Town

The busy period came to a close at the end of August 2014, where we had over eighty interns come and go. Phew, we were very busy!

This period stared in the month of June and in this time we have:

Legal Services

  • Opened over one hundred and forty new cases.
  • Seen over one hundred and twenty old clients regarding cases which were opened previously.
  • Consulted with over seventy people regarding cases which we did not open.
  • Had over twenty new court cases.

Social Justice Update

  • Ran a holiday program in the Township of Khaylitsha.
  • Renovated and cleaned a school for Mandela Day
  • Had a successful High-tea for Women’s Day
  • Free Gender, enlisted our help to assist them with drafting a training manual for the South African Police Services (SAPS), which deals with handling cases of hate crimes relating to the LGBT community.

The end of the busy period also meant a drastic reduction in volunteers, meaning case load has doubled for volunteers and quadrupled for staff and because of this we did not receive any walk-in clients at our offices for the month of September, but we maintained the legal clinics at Philsa Abafazi and Polsmoor Prison.

Towards the end of September we received a new group of volunteers with whom we celebrated a Heritage Day braai on the 23rd in the Vrygrond Township.

Staff Exchange

Shuan Solomons, the Social Justice Coordinator will be travelling to the Human Rights Projects in Argentina.


The month of September basically entailed that we are on top of our cases opened, planning of new Social Justice workshops and managing overall admin tasks.

We look forward to receiving new clients and a fresh start in October 2014.

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