Legal Services

This department focuses primarily on the pre-litigation phase of the legal process. The complaints brought to us by clients are evaluated and assessed to determine whether or not they have a valid case. Where it is within our parameters as a legal clinic, a volunteer or intern will then be assigned the case and, under supervision, will be responsible for assisting the client.

In the instance where the case requires more specialised expertise, we assist clients in obtaining legal help on a pro-bono basis or at a reduced fee.

Since being accredited as a legal clinic we are now in a position to assist 80% of our clients without having to refer them.

Volunteers or interns will be present at consultations with clients and will be responsible for that particular case. Volunteers and interns are provided with case work – the quantity of files is directly related to their own capacity, professionalism and commitment to the work. When volunteers or interns are under the age of 18 years or are on a gap year, they shall work only in the Social Justice department.

All case work is strictly carried out under the supervision of either the Programme Manager, the Legal Services Coordinator or the Volunteer/Intern Supervisor.